Much of my friends always say: why should you wash your cloths on vacation? You just have to take care that you take enough cloths with you. That’s right. Nevertheless I gladly wash my clothes on holiday. Whether I am at the Dutch coast, in New York or on Curacao. I did wash them everywhere.

I prefer to dress fresh. When you’re traveling, you just sweat during activities or due to the warm weather. If there is one thing I hate, it is bad body odor. To prevent it, I wash my shirts, pants and even underwear during traveling. And… I’ll always do it myself!
Myself? Yes, I don’t bring it to the laundry service. First, for that prices I can buy a few good beers and besides that I don’t want hassle. With hassle I mean to ask for the prices, a washing bag, ask about the time it takes to have it back etc. etc. Just wash it myself in the hotel room/apartment and I’m done! Just perfect!

When I travel short distances I’ll take my own detergent. No, not a 5 liter flask, just a little one. I don’t care which brand, it only has to smell good! When I travel long distances, I just buy a flask in the local supermarket. And I can tell you: it’s a lot cheaper than the laundry service!

In your bathroom (wherever you are in the world) you’ve got a sink. Before I go to sleep, I’ll put the sink full of warm water, my cloths and a little drip of detergent. The next morning I wash off my cloths with cold water. That’s the way to make sure there doesn’t stay any detergent in your cloths. Take a clothes hanger out of the closet, hang your clothing and hang it up to the shower rail. Are you back at your room the same night? Then you’re clothes will be dried.

Also, I always take a little rope and clothes pins with me. They are for visiting warm countries. There I’ll put my clothes on my self-made clothesline on the balcony. The clothes will be dry before you had your breakfast. Easy!

Curious about the things you need to wash on holiday? Here is the (short) list:
– Detergent
– Clothes pins
– Clothesline (mostly I take 5 meter)
– Clothes hanger (already in hotel/apartment)




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