Niagara Falls, the beautiful side!


In April we visited the Niagara Falls. We started our trip in New York, so we arrived at the American side of the Falls. You’re really getting the idea that you are visiting an area where they want to earn money. There was an XXL Giftshop, where you can buy really everything, but it had no good appearance. We were really lucky that they had a nice cup of coffee.

From the parking we walked to the falls, but once we arrived, you really imagine yourself in a kind of themepark which they build around the falls. A beautiful view, but no Niagara Falls experience you would expect. After a small walk, we decided to cross the border with Canada (yes, another stamp in our passport!) to view the Falls from that side. I must say, that was a really good decision! This is the side you want to visit the Falls! We made a nice walk through the Falls and had by far the most beautiful views.

Maid of the mist

Unfortunately we were here in April, so the boat Maid of the Mist didn’t do boat rides yet. I would recommend you to take a boat ride when it’s possible. I believe you will get the optimal Niagara Falls experience by doing that!

Niagara Falls
So, if you want to visit the Niagara Falls, I recommend to visit them at the Canadian side! The American side was, by my opinion, too much concrete infrastructure, while the Canadian side offers you much more nature experience. Beautiful!

Conclusion: Visit the Niagara Falls at the Canadian side!


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